Red Data Book

The majority of people on our planet know about "Red Data Book", but only some of them look in a problematics which opens with its each page.

The Red Data Book is a list of animals and plants are taking place under threat of disappearance. But not, frequently we want to tell other. The Red Data Book is one of results of human life on the planet, it is his egoism, vanity and so-called reason.

We must remember that the person it not the main essence on all globe. This is only one branch from the big tree under the name "life", which can think. We have everything to think about a life and in our case not only about own. The life of all living things on a planet depends from us.

It would seem, why we must think of disappearance of animals and plants? In fact since 1948 International Union for Conservation of Nature think about it and have purpose studying a conditions of rare kinds of animals and plants which are taking place under threat of disappearance, and development of the international projects in the field of protection of such kinds. IUCN successfully works, carrying out the functions assigned to it, annually filling up pages of the "Red Data Book" its new names. We with you should understand, that such huge list of all disappearing kinds of animals and plants is a consequence of domination of the person and his relation to world around.

The person ruins world around cutting down woods, polluting air and water. All this does not pass completely. The ecological situation on a planet worsens every year and the relation of the person to the nature should change, otherwise will be too late.

On March, 21 - " the World day of the Earth". This day in different places on our planet go various actions: cleaning of territories, landing of trees, conferences, exhibitions. Certainly, this are only PR - actions, but this is PR of green color. If you do not know how to begin, we suggest you list of organizations which work in the field of wildlife management. Write or call, offering the help, very easily.

We are people. And what problems would be not pursued by the person, what purposes wouldn't face it, he should remember that his life, it first of all a place where he lives.

Let's build our planet as strong together!