The help. Frequently asked questions

The help

We want to give to you the small list of questions which frequently arise at our clients before the beginning of work. Please, familiarize with them, it is possible already now you receive some answers to the questions. If in the given list you did not found answer to the question, please send it to us using the contact form.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How is it better to begin process of development?
    Process of development begins with sending your requirements to us. Please, create a small document and specify subjects and wishes to the project, create detail description of functionality, give already existing materials, find ready examples in Internet. Further send inquiry in Strong Planet and our manager necessarily contact with you.
  2. When do I must make payment of services?
    Payment or partial advance payment of services must be made before start of the project.
  3. When I shall see the project?
    All depends on that what sort designing will be made. In case of web programming or making-up creation, you will see result at once after start in the internet. In case of web design development - in strictly stipulated time.
  4. I want to participate during development of project. How can I make it?
    Before start of the project you will have access in control panel to your projects where you can plan works, supervise stages of performance of works, and also conduct discussion at the project.
  5. How can I order a hosting?
    The Strong Planet Company always recommends a qualitative hosting to the clients. During development our managers will help you to find the correct decision in this question.
  6. How can I register a domain name of a site?
    Learn more or register of domain name you can here.