Domain name of a site

Domain name

What is the domain name of a site?
The domain name is the certain alphabetic sequence designating a name of a site or the domain. The domain name contains symbols of the Latin alphabet, numbers or hyphen inside a name.

Domain names differentiates on a level.
com - a domain name of 1 level; - a domain name of second level in a zone com.; - a domain name third level in a zone

You can check up the status of a interesting name and register it with receiving of the certificate. For it you can use url registration of a domain name.

For the owner of a domain name:

With development of network Internet and an investment in network's business, domain names received essential value. As well as any property, they began to require protection on the part of the law. Now the domain name almost in all countries is considered as means of an individualization and objects of the intellectual property. Also domain name can be object of transactions and be part of non-material actives of the enterprise.

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