Web hosting of the site

Web hosting What is the hosting?
The hosting is a service of accommodation of sites on a server where there is a stable round-the-clock access in the Internet. The qualitative hosting is paid service. Sometimes this payment collect not by money, and display of advertisement on placed sites.

For the customer:
to choose a qualitative hosting it is necessary:
  • make sure, that the given hosting corresponds to technical requirements for a site;
  • presence of support of FTP protocol - the fastest and convenient way to load files on a server;
  • know volume of the traffic for a site, that is the size of the information paid by you which visitors of a site can upload and download. Attention! When project will use more traffic than regulation size, you will receive an account for additional payment;
  • presence of a round-the-clock support service;
  • presence of the statistical data about channel of information which is used by your server;
  • presence of specifications on the equipment of a server;
  • show interest about presence of a server for test start of a site.
For our clients Strong Planet company always suggests and selects optimal variants of a qualitative hosting which satisfies for all technical requirements for the project received after development.

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