Static site

Static site

The static site represents a set of the documents written by means of a text's marking technology HTML, XHTML, XML which are broadcast in programs for viewing and as a result appear at the visitor in all the beauty.

We are going to show to the customer
positive and negative sides of static sites.

Positive sides:
  • Cheapness of the development;
  • Cheapness of hosting services and the minimal requirements on the server;
  • High speed of pages' loading;
  • Minimum loading on hosting server;
  • Simplicity at carrying to another server or local computer.

Negative sides:

  • Every change in the structure of static site entails additional expenses;
  • Very often if you want to add some new issue to the interface you have to change many pages of static site;
  • Impossibility of full support for visitors;
  • Impossibility of using the web project for supporting business-processes.
Having examined all positive and negative sides of static site we can make a conclusion: Static site is cheaper in develop and technical supporting but it's more expensive when updating of resource often takes place, static site is good as a visiting card of corporation but it have serious luck - absence of wide abilities of the web-site.

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