The site's making-up

Making-up Always remember! Making-up of the site is a first step that makes your site alive, it's not just a realization of your abilities as an art-designer - it's an important stage of the site's projection and optimization.
Making-up of the site is a key to successfully existence of your site on the internet.

During making-up of the sites our specialists are paying great attention at such midpoints as:

  1. Identical display in the basic browsers for viewing the site;
  2. Insertion of the basic moments helping for further optimization of making-up;
  3. The small weight of title-page (it also shortens time user need to load your site);
  4. Conformity of making-up to W3C standards;
  5. Quality of the received result and editing information on static sites.

In practice Strong Planet company applies both tabulated and block ways of making-up.

For the customer it would be useful to know, that
The basic languages that are usually used for the text's making-up are HTML and XHTML. Peculiarity of XHTML making-up is simplicity and minimal size of received pages. Sites edited in XHTML + CSS usually use a principle of block making-up which renders more essential influence on a site from promotion, displays and loading speeds, but more expensive for the development.

Also at registration the order for development do not ignore with "W3C standardization", conformity to the world standards is not only a good form in your attitude to the visitors, but also stability at the further development of display technologies.

It's also useful to know: