Development of the program modules and scripts


Every dynamic site can be separated logical on program modules which are concerned with each other and makes together unified system. The set of such scripts can be developed by the company completely or partly. At the Internet you can find a huge quantity both requiring payment and free modules and scripts which can be introduce to the site.

We want to show our customers some of them cause it can bring down greatly costs for development such a software for his site.

Creation the program modules, scripts for the site's owner:

Preferences of already-made modules, scripts are obvious - low price cost of project and high introduction speed (as a result - quicker creating the site).

But anyway you should be attentive - there are also some negative sides of using the already-made scripts:

  • Reconsideration and edition of already set up modules can be a reason of their unstable working and take much time (it will be at ones reflected on your budget and on working of the site both);
  • Site that use ready scripts would not be optimized for search engines, and so it wouldn't be able to take the leading positions in the marketing area;
  • Using of more than one already-made modules at same page can provoke unstable working of all them.

For the customer:
If you have decided that inculcation already-made scripts would be optimal for you - entrust this work to qualified webmasters, it can help you to avoid some serious problems in the future.

It is also useful to know: