CMS - content management system

CMS - content management system What is the content management system?
Content management system (CMS) is an instrument for working with sites which allow fully or partly manage it with minimal expenses. Any set of modules developed by the company for working with the site could be named system of content's management. But with current of time and with gaining the experience in sphere of web development in every web company under word CMS mean something bigger than just a set of functionalities for the dynamic site.

For the customer it would be useful to know:
The list of the main possibilities of the CMS:
  • Possibility of fusion with any design;
  • Management of titles TITLE, key words and description META for each page of the site;
  • Presence of the editor for page content's management;
  • Presence of the instruments for manage graphical element;
  • Possibility of managing the site's directories;
  • Presence of the main instruments for working with news ribbons, forums, catalogues of production, e-shops;
  • Possibility of conducting the catalogue of links.

If the content management system has all forenamed characteristics you maybe should to use it on your site instead of your own development.

Strong Planet offer to it's clients services at development and supporting the site on basis Typo3 CMS.

It is also useful to know: