E-shop - rent, creating

Internet Shop What is the e-shop?
The e-shop is a kind of site, where the supporting of the goods or the services for the visitors are realizing. Customs, deals or even organization of delivering are accomplished directly from this site.

For this moment buying-selling of the goods with e-shops help is a separate sphere of work of any company, it is a mutually beneficial contact of buyer and seller: convenience, high speed, favorable price minimization of many expenses and else.

The Strong Planet company offer services of creating e-shops with inculcation already-made payment systems Webmoney, PayCash, PayPal, VerySign and many others.

If you want to organize selling of your goods with help of the internet, but you haven't trying to do this before or you don't think that it is necessary in so serious form - use a service of the e-shop's rent by Strong Planet.

What includes a rent of the e-shop:

  • Issue for managing the goods;
  • Import-export of the goods from the text documents .TXT, .CSV;
  • Managing the users, with a process of registration;
  • Managing the user's customs;
  • Accordance of the domain's name, hosting, e-mails;
  • Services on web design development or inculcation of an already-made one;
  • Development and inculcation of the additional scripts.
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