Developing of a databases

Developing of a databases The site's database is mechanisms which secure safe holding, access, primary processing and searching the information. Every dynamic site, which includes structured information is in need of the database. Designing of database for the site is one of the key moments for early stage of the development. This process should be provided under control of the eminently qualified specialist. Exactly on this stage are putting the foundations which later influence on functioning speed and complexity of all project development.

Strong Planet works with such kinds of databases:
1. MySQL
    2. PostgreSql
    3. MSSQL
    4. Oracle

For the customer:
We recommend you to use MySOL for little and average data levels. MySOL is an optimal variant for not a huge data levels.
Preferences of MySQL:

  • The best speed of a data processing with data level up to 500000 notes;
  • Free-of-charge opening of the licenses;
  • Simplicity of using;
  • Supporting by almost all hosting companies;
  • Possibility of using at the different platforms (UNIX, Windows, etc.);

It is also useful to know: