Dynamic site

Dynamic site

We have written to you in the beginning of the part of development:
"Remember! The site is a little planet which should be peopled".
Well, to make your site alive you can only in the presence of dynamical management of information on it.

Dynamic siteis a kind of site where the pages are forming with help of the program code. Though the last one can involve separated pages, flash-headband, animation and so on.

We are going to show to the customer
positive and negative sides of dynamic sites.

Positive sides:

  • The dynamical site is a kind of "alive site" and it is the main preference of it over all other sites;
  • Simple management of the site using administrator's interface;
  • Low expenses on information management;
  • Momentary displaying of the data (about addition some new goods, users, news, etc.).

Negative sides:

  • Demands for hosting platform are increased and it tells on the cost of hosting services;
  • A high price of the development, dynamic site is one of the expensive sites both with the flash-site.
Having examined all positive and negative sides of dynamical site we can make a conclusion: Dynamic site need more cost for the development, but these outlays can be offset fast because edition the site's pages and development of the information system at the site is simple and very cheap, almost free for you. Dynamic site working longer and more effective than static one, it has all basic abilities of the web site.

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