Flash-site. Development of the flash-site


Flash-site is a set of documents, founded on animation reels made with help of the Macromedia Flash. For the viewing these kinds of site flash-reels load themselves to the PC of user and form the picture on the screen. Mainly flashes are using for making a bright sites resembling the cartoons but the serious work can be decorated with bright pictures too.

For the customer:

Preferences of the flash-sites:

  • Brilliance of flash-sites;
  • Accuracy at the control of each design's element (it is difficult to realize this point using the text marking because different browsers display html files a bit differently);
Disadvantages of the flash-sites:
  • Development of flash-sites is one of most expensive processes;
  • For viewing this kind of sites player by Macromedia Flash must be installed to the computer. But it's necessary to admit that player's installation from the official site is not long and difficult process;
  • Flash-site badly gives in to optimization for search machines and even worst indexed by searching programs. That's why some companies supports html-version of the site near to flash-version.

Total conclusion for the customer: flash-site is not the best variant for user who is searching for the concrete information because it's loading can take a lot of time; price for the flash-site's development is huge;
in contrast to all this high-quality flash-visiting card is a perfect step in area of publicity.

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