Web programming

Web programming

Web programming is the world of immense and surprising decisions. And you, as the owner of small planet, have good chance to take part in the process of ideas formation and introduction them into our reality.

Strong Planet offer to it's clients entire spectrum of services in the area of web programming:

  • web programming the projects of the most different direction from small sites up to large portals;
  • development and supporting the databases;
  • introduction the already-made software modules to the site;
  • accordance the already-made content management system for the site (CMS);

Strong Planet use different technologies in area of web programming:

  • programming languages: PHP, Perl, Asp .NET;
  • control system of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MsSQL, Oracle;
  • inspection system of versions of software products;
  • technologies of promotions the Internet projects.

For the customer:
before filing the web development application show interest in services and conditions that the company can offer you on the matter. It's silly to waste your time and money on development the things that were already written by programmers during a long operating time at the internet services market.

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