Analysis of site

site analysisEvery site has the purpose. It can be - attracted customers to buy goods, placement of the information as a visiting-card, a means of emolument on internet advertising and other.

If during achievement of aims, Your site does not bring the expected results, the first step for the correction of situation is an analysis.

Site Analysis - is a process of checking the parameters of resource, which must satisfy the goals.

Analysis of the resource includes:
  • analysis of the internal structure of pages;
  • search of repetitive descriptions, pages, sections;
  • identification of errors, typos, incorrect links, not-founded pages;
  • drafting of semantic kernel of site (keywords and phrases for every page);
  • analysis on accordance of requirements of the searching systems;
  • analysis of unicity of content;
  • check backlinks;
  • indexed by search engines;
  • analysis of competitors and determination of the most expedient methods of optimization.
Customer should be aware, that
after the conducted detailed analysis of site, you get a report about the conducted work with description of all necessary changes, errors, parameters for each of the above items.

The detailed analysis of site is the key to achieving the goals.